Design Thinking Workshops
Since I became a Design Thinking (DT) Coach in 2014, I led a lot of DT workshops with different customers or internal ones, that helped to fully understand the root cause of a problem and came up with innovative ideas to tackle the problem. In a lot of meetings I used specific tools of the DT toolbox to increase the progress we made. 

Digital Transformation
Over the last 10 years I have worked with a lot of companies (small, midsize and large) that struggled with their digital transformation. Most of the companies knew that they have to transform and that this is essential to stay relevant, but they did not know how. Digital transformation is not about digitising everything, but to use technology to offer new business models, services and products. Technology is only the enabler and not the solution.

Empowering growing Startups with agile development
I specialize in enabling growing startups to embrace agile development processes, leading to increased productivity, reliable roadmaps, customer-centric feature prioritization, and peace of mind for CEOs and CTOs. But what does that mean?
Agile Development Implementation: Guiding your team in adopting and improving agile practices for faster, more efficient product delivery.
Reliable Roadmap Creation: Collaborating to create roadmaps that align business goals with customer needs, improving decision-making.
Customer-Centric Feature Prioritization: Leveraging data and feedback to prioritize features that drive customer satisfaction and engagement.
Peace of Mind for CEOs and CTOs: Providing strategic guidance, empowering your team, and fostering continuous improvement.

Product Management 
I've worked as a product owner / product manager / VP of product for different companies building software in the B2B, B2B2C and B2C space and most of it as Software as a Service (SaaS). I've lead a multi-disciplinary team of Business Developers, Developers, Product Owners, Quality Assurance Engineers and Technical Writers, working close with Designers (Visual & User Experience Designer) and Researchers. 

Project Management
Within the last 20 years, I have gained a lot of experience in managing projects with teams / people distributed across the globe. Most of those projects have been in the area of product development, some have been organising events, and some dealt with customer escalations. 

Product Strategy Consulting
Building a product that fits the company portfolio is challenging but important. Hence I’ve build business cases, market analysis and worked on pricing in addition to building the products, that the company has to offer. 

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